One Healthberry Raspberry Supplement


650 mg/60 capsules

 Vitamins and minerals present in the raspberry supplement may help improve fertility, as well as boost memory and immunity.

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A cup of fresh raspberries (123 grams) contains 1.48 grams of protein, 186 mg of potassium, 31 mg of calcium, 27 mg magnesium, and 32.2 mg of vitamin c and total ascorbic acids. It is also packed with a variety of other minerals such as iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Daily intake of the raspberry supplement helps maintain cardiovascular health to regulate blood pressure and repair blood vessels. It is also extremely beneficial for the nervous system as it may assist in enhancing brainpower, memory, and mood. Since it is rich in Vitamin C, it boosts the immune system, making the body less susceptible to everyday illnesses and even rare infections.


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